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Community College: CA. Master Plan for Dropouts
October 4th, 2012,0,4815212.story

“At Pasadena City College, nearly 4,000 students who are seeking a degree or to transfer are taking a single class this fall. About 63% are taking less than 12 units and are considered part time. The school has slashed 10% of its classes to save money.”

Day after day we are barraged with facts and figures on how our California Master Plan for post-secondary education is broken. At the community college level, students just quietly forget their dreams and walk away. At UC’s and Cal States, students either can’t get in or incur thousands more in debt as a 4 year degree takes 6 years. Tough time to be a young American.

Perhaps most important for the entire family, the Head Start College program paces students to complete their applications by Thanksgiving.


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