College and Career Counseling Services

An organized, proven Self-Search and College-Search Strategies culminating with a Powerful "Marketing" Application Strategy.

  • Organized: Timelines and checklists to guide the application process.  To Do Lists for Middle School, Freshman, Sophomore and Junior year. "LAST TWELVE MONTHS" planning sheet with time and tasks to application completion December of Senior year.                                                                     
  • Self-Search: Assessments and counseling identifying individual learning styles, academic and career interests and personal style.  HSC assists with identification of colleges that match and embrace your student's learning styles, academic and career interest and personal style.
  • Self-Search: Explore College Academic Majors / Minors / Internship opportunities.     Statistics show that college students change their majors on average three times. HSC assists students in identifying THREE academic majors. HSC assists student with identification of colleges with respected programs in the identified majors.
  • College Search: Individualized program to explore campuses and college life.  VISIT. VISIT. VISIT. You wouldn't buy a car without test-driving many models and college is MUCH more expensive than most cars. A visit is an official admissions tour, not a drive-by. HSC will devise a plan to minimize the cost of these visits and maximize their usefulness.
  • College Search: Data-driven College List . HSC identifies individualized academic,  extracurricular and social requirements for college. HSC processes data from college visits to generalize to other colleges. HSC identifies colleges with admission criteria that are a MATCH for your student's strenghths.
  • Powerful Application Strategy: "Branding" our student. Spending no more than 10-15 minutes per application  the success of an application depends upon a clear  and consistent picture of WHO your student is and WHO your student will be in college must JUMP OUT of every part of his/her application: essays, extra-curricular activities and recommendations.
  • Powerful Application Essays (10-12): Proven process to identify and tell your student's  story.  Essay prompts are designed to require serious, self-reflection. HSC breaks college essay HARD questions into smaller pieces, more manageable by high school seniors. Training with reading prompts, answering the prompt with grammatically correct, concise and inviting essays--skills needed for college essays as well.
  • SAT / ACT: strategies for test selection and timing.  Take free, sample tests administered and scored by test company. Pick your "Best" test. And prepare. Test preparation should be kept in perspective in order to have it not weaken other aspects of your student's application.
  • Visual / Performing Arts Application support.  HSC guides students to resources that identify programs and classes in preparation for application to college programs. HSC focuses students on portfolio requirements.    
  • College Athlete recruitment guidance. HSC assists student athletes with creation of Athletic Resume, outreach to college coaches and the melding of the college search process with the college sports opportunity search.    
  • Students With Special Needs.

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Perhaps most important for the entire family, the Head Start College program paces students to complete their applications by Thanksgiving.


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