Resources For College Search

Useful Links to Websites and Books

Current Trends/Issues in College Admissions, Individual Colleges, and Financial Aid:
     Head Start College Blog:

College Search Sites with Data on Individual Schools, Majors and More:
    U.S. News & World Report: The Ultimate Guide
    Princeton Review: Complete Book of Colleges:. Reviews 1776 college       

Online College Applications:
   Common Application schools.
   Universal Application schools.
   University of California
   California State Universities

  Objective Factual Data on Two-Year Colleges:
    Peterson’s Two-Year Colleges (2007)

Subjective Opinions of schools with Objective Factual Data on Colleges :
    Fiske Guide to Colleges . Reviews 300 colleges.
    The Insider’s Guide to the Colleges  by Yale Daily News. (excellent insight)
    Students review individual colleges in all categories including professors                    
    Kiplinger Private and Public "Best Value" rating top 100 of each

Career / College Major Sites:
    Rugg's Recommendations on the Colleges, Frederick E. Rugg;  reviews each
        school for individual, strong majors. pdf format only. Purchase at
    Book of Majors,  College Board: learn what you will take in college, high school,
        where you will work and what you will do.
    Creative Colleges, Elaina Loveland
        Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians and Writers

Financial Aid :
    Meeting College Costs, College Board
    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    CSS Profile

General Information:
 Scholarship Scams

Scholarship Search: I haven't found sites that helpful. But here are the two I hear the             most about:
    College Board Scholarship Search

Learning Differences:
    Peterson’s Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities or ADD
    Princeton Review: The K&W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities or ADD

Remote College Visits: (in addition to virtual tours on most college websites)
     CampusTours - ( free online tour produced by college)

    NCAA Guide for College-Bound Student-Athlete (must read rules)
    National Collegiate Scouting Association; the "Facebook" of college recruiting; get evaluated; post videos and academic/athletic resumes; review coaches listings for needed athletes.
    The Sports Scholarships Insiders Guide by Don Wheeler (Contains listing of
        athletic programs offered  at each school along with contact persons.)       
    Peterson’s Sports Scholarships & College Athletic Programs. (Includes current                 
        coach names.)

SAT Preparation:
    Compass (One on One Program custom designed) : 800-925-1250
    Revolution Prep (One on One Program / classroom / combo as well : 877-738-7737
    Princeton Review: (Private tutorial/classroom /online : 800-2Review
    Elite: (classroom) :  626-287-1245
    Kaplan (Private tutorial / classroom / online) ; 800-KAPTEST
    Sylvan - SAT & ACT Prep
    College Board (Online)
Number 2 rated highly by Consumer’s Report (9/06)   NO FEE

OUTSIDE Learning Opportunities:       
    Internships, Volunteer Opportunities US and Overseas : For High School and College age indivuduals, year round jobs, internships, volunteer positions in US and abroad.
    Tips on Trips: Summer educational/community service trips (free research service to you)

    City Data - annual rainfall, number of cloudy days, snowfall data, crime data,
            jobs, real estate values, mass transit, diversity and cultural opportunities



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