Find your passion

  • Explore, dream and discover your passions

    What students do outside the classroom says much more to colleges about who they are than the standard list of high school classes they take: EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER

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  • Give your student the luxury of time to investigate options

    Students who systematically explore the pros and cons of campuses, their majors and student life will be READY to thrive from day one: SELF SEARCH & COLLEGE SEARCH STRATEGIES

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  • Students and parents are naturally reluctant to begin their college search.  Not only are students busy already, but they are being asked to leave all that is known for all that is unknown.

    An individualized program designed to meet your needs

    Students are understandably reluctant to begin their college search. They are being asked to prepare to leave their family, friends, and for an unknown: PREPARE FOR THE NEXT STEP

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What makes Meredith Reynolds successful

In addition to years of experience as an independent college counselor, Meredith designed and supervised field piloting of an innovative online college counseling program working one-on-one with over 750 students, teachers, counselors, and administrators. Relying on her input, a second version of the product was developed to support diverse students at high schools across the country. Meredith works part-time as an attorney for school districts with the majority of her work in the areas of special education and instruction. She was elected to serve three terms (12 years) as a member of the La Canada Unified School District Governing Board charged with overseeing the operations of this highly competitive district. She was appointed to two terms (6 years) as a member of the City of La Canada Flintridge's Parks and Recreation Commission responsible for the provision of facilities and coordination of programs. Over 40 years of service to youth as near as across the street and as far as Saudi Arabia.

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Perhaps most important for the entire family, the Head Start College program paces students to complete their applications by Thanksgiving.


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