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SAT follows ACT: “Best” Score ONLY Caution?
June 21st, 2008

Sorry class of 2009, this SAT policy change does not apply to you. As reported by Los Angeles Times, beginning with the class of 2010 students will be able to select which of their scores to send to colleges–a practice already followed by ACT.

“Finally!” “Great News!”…the cynic (myself at times) might say this is most certainly great news for test prep companies and SAT. More tests taken / more test prep…. more time away from school work, sports, music, art , friends and fun?!

But as always the devil is in the details. No big change for University of California they already count the sitting with the highest total. But other colleges take highest math and highest reading score selecting from all sittings…for some colleges send all? and for others send one? What to do?
Because I have never met a student who claimed they grew as a person taking the SAT, I stick by my recommendation: research test prep options for the one best suited to your learning style and budget, study hard, take the test end of junior year (maximum high school time with math and english) and then retake after targetted prep in October of senior year.

Don’t spend your junior year studying and retaking SAT’s 2 or 3 times…that time would be better spent getting the best grades you can and making your high school or community a better place. In five years you wont even remember your SAT scores but you’ll remember the play you were in or good times with your friends on the volleyball team.

Perhaps most important for the entire family, the Head Start College program paces students to complete their applications by Thanksgiving.


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