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Californians Abandon UC’s and CSU’s
June 4th, 2012

As reported in the L.A.Times, many California high school students are either not going to college or going somewhere other than California public universities: 22% in 2007 to 19% in 2010. Interesting is that UC’s are increasing their out-of-state freshmen as well. BE WARY. The L.A.Times article focuses in part on increase of Californians at Univ. of Arizona and ASU. Higher education in Arizona is in as bad or worse shape than California–professors laid off, classes cut, tuition hikes. Don’t cross the border to any public school unless you can find credible evidence that undergraduates can get their classes and graduate in four years. The Western Undergraduate Exchange is a great program with regards to western public universities. But also consider private schools in the midwest (not as pricey as west or east coast addresses). Many are offering generous scholarships and DO graduate their students in four years. Compare TOTAL cost and make your decisions.

Undergrad Degrees $$$: For Most Translate Ideas into Dollars
June 4th, 2012

No surprise engineers hold top six spots. Economics is first non-science/math major. Finance is 9 below Economics. International Business is first business major other than finance. Philosophy rates higher than Marketing and Communications, Environmental Science and business. Health and education majors fall near the bottom of the list.  SO WHAT TO DO IF YOU AREN’T AN ENGINEER, SCIENTIST OR MATH WHIZ? Take enough math and science courses so that you can “talk their language” and then be their business, financial, marketing or legal advisor. Be the person that translates inventions into dollars.

Perhaps most important for the entire family, the Head Start College program paces students to complete their applications by Thanksgiving.


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