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UK Applications at Record Levels
January 30th, 2015

Colleges and Universities in the United Kingdom are celebrating the record number of applications submitted by the January 15 deadline. They are pleased with the fact that:  “Further analysis of the figures reveals that young people from the UK’s most disadvantaged areas are now more likely than ever to apply to higher education.” Given the fixed number of spaces this will necessarily displace other applicants making it all the more important to have a strong application including Personal Statement and recommendations from teachers that know and respect you.

UK Applications at Record Levels

Ebola Increases Applications at Emory
January 29th, 2015

Just when you had figured out your Reach schools, Target schools and Safety schools after visiting the campus and researching the program…ebola breaks out in Africa. Your school treats the first active case successfully and applications skyrocket. More evidence of how much of the process is out of your hands MAKING IT ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT that students maximize the positive impact of every part of their application and interaction with the college.

Ebola Increases Emory Applications

UC’s More Applicants of all Kinds…same no. of spaces??
January 13th, 2015

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The UC’s confirm a record number of applicants: freshman, transfer, out of state and international. Perhaps it is a first attempt to prepare high school seniors that being admitted even at UC Merced with applications up 14% will be more difficult than in the recent past.

For the complete story see UC press release:


Perhaps most important for the entire family, the Head Start College program paces students to complete their applications by Thanksgiving.


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